Guerrilla Gardening: Seeds of Revolution was on La Matinale, a French morning show last Monday!  We only have the sketchiest idea what they’re saying since we’re both terrible Canadians and neither of us are fluent in French.  I assume the bits where she’s reading off paper are the interview questions they emailed me though.  Who knows!  I just get a kick out of hearing the name ‘General Bauhaus’ on TV. Go check it out and if you’re more fluent we’d love to find out what they’re saying.

This may actually be the second time we’ve been on TV in France, I had someone contact me for info last year, but never got a link to the show.

I’ve been doing a few interviews and the like in the last few months, here’s a quick roundup:

Torontoist – ‘Guerrilla Pixeling’

GOOD Magazine/Kill Screen – ‘Guerrilla Gardening for Gamers’

Guest Appearance on Level Fourtytwo‘s Talk is Cheap 4/12/10

UPDATE: Thanks to French game developer Shiftyweb (blog in French game portfolio in English) there’s now  a quick and dirty translation in the comments.  Looks like the report was full of terrible puns and they misjudged Molly’s age by a good chunk.  Still super cool to see the game in that context!

Guerrilla Pixelling


The excellent (and totally free!) Toronto Comic Arts Festival(TCAF)  is coming up this weekend.  Unlike your typical comic event this one is all about independent creators and small press comic books from around the world. It’s also really big for an indie media event, taking up two floors of the Toronto Reference Library (Yes the one where Knives and Ramona fight in Scott Pilgrim vol.2).   Toronto’s local indie games initiative The Hand Eye Society is setting up a booth at TCAF with a bunch of playable games and we’re one of the participants.

Here are the Spooky Squid Games @ TCAF specific details:

Saturday – 9am-1pm – Play  “The Night Balloonists”
Come play our four player one button versus game The Night Balloonists the way it was meant to be played.

Location: The Hand Eye Society Booth (2nd Floor)

Saturday – 2pm-3pmThe Spirit of Indie: Where Comics Meet Video Games
A panel discussion on the connection between indie comics and games with myself Scott Campbell, Jamie McKelvie and Jim Munroe.  Moderated by Matthew Kumar.
Location: The Pilot

Sunday – 11am-2pm – Play the prototype for “Guerrilla Gardening: Seeds of Revolution” (tentative still working out logistics)
Yep! We’re letting people play the prototype for Guerrilla Gardening and get a taste of it’s unique stealth/strategy/planting gameplay. Being a prototype it’s all elbows and sharp edges, but we figure it’s a unique chance for people to try out an indie game in progress and for us to get some player feedback to make the final game even better.
Location: The Hand Eye Society Booth (2nd Floor)

All Weekend – Play “Night of the Cephalopods” on the Torontron
Play Night of the Cephalopods on an actual arcade cabinet!
Location: The Hand Eye Society Booth (2nd Floor)

Spooky Squid Related Comics at TCAF:
Eric Kim
who does those slick portraits for Guerrilla Gardening will be selling his comics at table 149.

Dave Roman at table 128 will be selling issues of the fantastic Life Meter videogame anthologies (along with his own awesome comics).  Volume 2 has comics by both myself and Eric Kim.

Hope to see those of you who can make it out!

Saturday May 8th, 9am-5pm
Sunday May 9th, 11am-5pm
@ Toronto Reference Library
789 Yonge St., Toronto, Canada
Admission to TCAF is Free.

More info on The Toronto Comic Arts Festival

More info on video game related comics and events at TCAF

We’ve just released our entry for the GAMMA 4 One Button Games competition: The Night Balloonists. It’s for 2-4 players so you’ll need to grab a friend or three to play. While it wasn’t one of the six winners we’re pretty pleased with how it came out and have been booting it up to play a match whenever we have enough players for a three or four player match. Also Andrew’s wife Maryna is thoroughly addicted and vicious with the ink shots.

Download is here

This video gives a nice preview of a four player match and has the dubious bonus of including my annotated commentary discussing various aspects of the game.

I posted some work in progress animations for Molly running earlier this month.  Now that she’s done I’m posting up the final version.  As you can see, in addition to all the shading, I’ve added some secondary animations, her bouncing hair and bag.

For anyone curious how much time goes into something like this I’ve put some numbers under the cut.

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New to the blog?  Check the “About the Game” Section for an overview of Guerrilla Gardening:Seeds of Revolution.  We also post a lot about our other games so don’t get too confused if the first post you see doesn’t have gardening in it.

I just finished colouring this portrait of General Bauhaus, Guerrilla Gardening‘s ‘big bad’ responsible for outlawing all plants within the city limits.  Like the previous portraits it’s drawn by the talented Eric Kim.

It’s always a treat getting to work with his inks, and was nice and relaxing to just sit and colour after a week of animating.  I’m without a tablet at the moment so this was all done with a mouse, not the most efficient way to colour but hey it works!

This portrait is a reworked version of his earlier pencil sketch, I’ve put that under the cut for comparison. You can see we tweaked his design a quite a bit between versions. Continue Reading »